What to expect during dental consultation in Andheri?

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Here we are going to discuss what you can expect during your dental consultation.

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To avail of a dental consultation, you need to make an appointment first. Take adequate time to plan a meeting and manage your daily work according to that. On a particular date, visit the clinic on time without any fail.

Generally, the consultation and necessary treatment get completed on the same day. But if you require any further sessions, your dentist will ask you to attain the same.

So, what are the things you can expect in your first session?

Like any other treatment, dental consultation also requires proper identification of your issue. We at Everest dental clinic in Andheri start with an appropriate examination. The examination includes-

  • Asking questions about dental history- we need to know about your problem with every detail. Since when you are facing the trouble, what are the symptoms you are facing in this. Have you ever opted for any treatment for the issue, and if yes, then what treatment?

  • Doing required tests- We may ask you to undergo specific tests that we think necessary. It may include taking samples if there is an infection in your gum. We can go for an examination of your gum and teeth.

  • Making X-rays of your gum and teeth- In certain severe cases, we may advise you to do an X-ray of your teeth, gum, and bones too.

  • Preparing treatment plan- After having all the required information about your gum and teeth, we will discuss the treatment plan.

Now, what can you expect on a routine visit?

During your routine visit, we generally start with scheduled treatment. At first, we check the condition of your teeth and gum and then go for the treatment. We use professional ultrasonic tools for your regular teeth cleaning. Here we remove concentrations of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. We may do flossing between your teeth. After this, you will rinse your mouth with water.

We advise you to have X-rays of your teeth and gum once a year. It helps us to understand the situation of your teeth and gum.

What can you experience after your treatment session?

Generally, you experience no side effects after the treatment. But if there is any pain, you can opt for some over-the-counter medications for relief. If the situation becomes critical, you should consult with us. We will provide you the proper solution.

Is there any need for follow up care?

Follow-up care depends on your oral health. Generally, we advise you to have a cleaning session every six months. During your cleaning session, we perform a routine examination. If we find any issue during the inspection, we will recommend you for the next session.

So, what are the treatments you can expect from a dentist during your consultation?

There are various treatments available in our clinic to solve your problem. But, after the proper examination, we will recommend the appropriate treatment. Here we are explaining the list of treatments that you can have in our clinic.

  • Scaling: It is the teeth cleaning procedure. We advise this procedure to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.

  • Crowns: Dental crown is very helpful to treat your missing or broken teeth. It covers the vacant area and restores your tooth.

  • Root canal: We suggest if there is any contamination or infection in the root of your teeth.

  • Filling: Filling helps you fix your broken teeth and prevents further damages.

  • Extraction: Extraction means the removal of your teeth. It is an effective treatment for treating tooth decay.

  • Dental implants: It is nothing but just the replacement of your whole tooth with a prosthetic one.

  • Braces: We provide braces to those patients who have crooked teeth. It fixes the alignment of your teeth.

  • Sum surgery: We advise you to opt for gum surgery if there is a chance of severe issues like bone loss.

  • Denture: It is a removable artificial tooth that you can use according to your requirements.

  • Smile designing: It is a treatment that combines many individual dental procedures to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • Full mouth rehabilitation: It is a process of rebuilding or replacing all your teeth to improve your oral health.

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Till then, stay healthy.

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